The Diploma Way

Mansi Lakhani

The exciting time of June every year is when the SSC results are announced which is termed as the most crucial result of any student’s life. As this would in a way decide the career of a student that he or she is going to choose. With lots of career options available nowadays, there lies a lots of confusion amongst students. Because nowadays there’s a large pool of opportunities that lies beyond Arts, Commerce and Science

Talking in specific terms, let’s explore an option which not many students are aware of or say an option by which you can surely pursue your dream in a different way… THE DIPLOMA WAY!

Are you one of those students who are a Science aspirant but the kind who aced Math and Science, but lost out on overall percentage because of comparatively lower grades in other subjects like languages and Social Studies?

For such students, who have made up their minds about pursuing the Science stream of education, and are further interested in taking up engineering, a diploma course is the first step towards that dream. Most of the state technical boards offer a diploma course in engineering. A diploma in engineering offered by the Maharashtra Board of Technical Education offers about 70 different specializations. This is three years course post SSC. Also one may opt to get into an autonomous institute which has its own curriculum different from state board. More information regarding the colleges offering diploma courses can be availed from the website of Directorate of Technical Education(DTE), and for students in Maharashtra, the examination conducting body is the Maharashtra State Board of Technical Education (MSBTE) and its website which can be accessed at

Diploma programmers are developed according to the needs of developing science and technology as well as requirement of professional skills. Thus, the engineering diploma is a perfect choice for aspirants who wish to become engineer and technocrat.

Diploma is basically the learning of fundamental engineering concepts, concentrating more on practical application of things that are studied. It offers all the basic specializations, such as mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, electronics engineering, civil engineering, and computer and IT engineering, just like a degree course does. Students can then pick the subject that interests them. And if the core field doesn’t interests you, there are more specialized fields offered today such as plastics engineering, textile engineering, automobile engineering etc

Choosing the field of your interest will always leave you with the best results at the end of your diploma course. While choosing the field one has to know what one is going to study during the tenure of diploma course. Let’s discuss about some core fields of diploma engineering and they actually consist of; The diploma in mechanical engineering lays emphasis on manufacturing in engineering industries. The diploma curriculum covers work study, production management, process engineering, tool design, power engines, machine design refrigeration and air-conditioning quality control etc.

The diploma course in civil engineering covers studies related to materials of constructions, civil engineering drawing, methods of construction as applied to buildings, bridges, roads etc. It also provides with adequate background in designing of structures, project management, entrepreneurship etc.

Diploma in electronics engineering incorporates various phases of development of an electronic gadget incorporating related calculations, drawings, fabrication and testing work.

Hence choose your specialization wisely depending on the interest and you can fulfill all your dreams of career.

Few autonomous institutes offer the diploma course with inplant training as a part of the diploma programme. Such kind of courses opens you towards great practical knowledge and hands on experience on how things are done in an actual industrial environment

Pursuing a diploma doesn’t mean one will quit education after three years. But, it helps open a world of larger opportunities and in-depth knowledge. Now, the question comes what this three years diploma course is going to fetch you at the end.

A number of students enroll themselves in a diploma engineering course ,only because it allows them a transfer to the second year Bachelor of Engineering degree course, which is why it is also referred to as the 'backdoor to degree engineering' wherein the student by-passes the need to pass engineering entrance exams like JEE or CET

Diploma, a professional course, is planned so that students can take up a job in the engineering field once they earn their diplomas. A diploma holder may get employed as a supervisor, sales engineer, loco pilotjunior engineer, workshop superintendents etc. One may get into private sector job or diploma may also get you a decent government job in department like Indian railways, BMC and various public sector undertakings (PSUs), etc. There’s also a lot to achieve as a professional. Experienced diploma holders have the advantage of getting timely promotions, on-job training and studies sponsored by the employer.

If both the option doesn’t work for you, and if you have that capability of thinking out of box and innovation and entrepreneurship is in your mind then you may also start up your firm in the area your interest and become an entrepreneur.

Completing a diploma will not only open various opportunities for you but it will also develop your personality in a great way. The diploma course is designed to produce job ready professional, entrepreneurs and innovators. In three years of diploma tenure a student studies around 36 different subjects of its specialization including technical subjects and subjects which are meant to develop communication skills, management and entrepreneur skills of a student. At such an early age one may get an opportunity to undergo an inplant training and gain practical knowledge, final year of diploma includes a project that students have work on and build. Now, all this as a part of diploma curriculum embeds the student with dynamic personality.

Hence, once you complete your diploma you are an individual with a magnificent personality, in-depth technical knowledge and with various opportunities waiting for you out there..!!!

Mansi Lakhani
Diploma in Mechanical Engineering
BE in Production Engineering

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