Group Private tutions for standard 8th-9th-10th
Olympiad tutions also available


We Provide

After serving for more then a decade in the field of Diploma & Degree & changing lives of many students, we are now adding one more feather in our cap by launching “School Section”.
We might be new in this field but one thing we can assure you is of our services and results.

Experienced Faculty

The professors of Shakti work full time for the institute thus creating an environment of responsible education delivery.                                                               

Excellent Study Material

The study material provided by Shakti is complete in all respect with detailed theory, illustrated examples, practice questions and solved problems for each topic. The emphasis is on providing concise and comprehensive study material so that even average students can grasp the subject's fundamentals thoroughly and completely. Nobody is left behind.

Ambience and Infrastructure

In order to instill in students the desire to work hard and the drive to succeed, We provide the best ambience and modern infrastructure. All our classrooms is adorned with aesthetically designed and air conditioned.

Proven Track Record

Shakti has consistently produced excellent results year after year. Its track record, right from the time of its inception, has several students scoring 100 out of 100 marks in individual papers each semester.                                                               

A Network of Success

When you join Shakti Academy, you earn a place within a community of nearly 1000 intelligent minds in various branches. Many of the past students have made themselves available to help current students build connections and gain career guidance.

Individual Performance Evaluation

The faculty and management are equipped to monitor the individual performance of each student so as to analyse and work on areas of performance stimuli. Reports on student’s performance is provided to parents on a regular basis.


We also have lectures for olympiad for students.

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