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Keyur Khatri & Shweta Agarwal


As young students come to the end of their school and college years and prepare for their careers. It is important for both students and parents to understand the significance of the child’s seriousness and efforts towards Diploma and Degree Engg. Yes, these are very important years that all Parents are well aware will determine their child’s success in the academic space.

To ensure your child achieves his / her career goals, as educators and teachers working with students in the competitive entrances space for many years now, we advise you drive home the importance of hard work and consistent discipline for your child. Often parents feel sending a child to college and a coaching institute is enough. Given the competition, the extensive syllabus and the current exam formats, this effort is no longer enough.

Self-study plays a very important role in the child’s success at the Engg.exams. Help your child plan out a clear schedule for regular study, guide him / her to work closely with a mentor who will monitor the progress and most importantly, be involved with your child’s studies during these years.

While your child is definitely growing up, and is becoming a responsible adult, appropriate hand-holding in these years will make a huge difference in this performance at the career determining exams.

Similarly, we advise young students to give their 100% every single day. Careers at the best engineering colleges cannot be built by studying for just a few days prior to the exam. The effort and study must be planned, and structured.

We have always considered hard work and discipline to be the core tenets of success, and we highly recommend it to young students who are aiming for careers in engineering. With sincere effort, all dreams are attainable!

Together, let’s welcome an ever improving era in the field of education.

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